Formwork is a classic example for
temporary construction:
• quick to set up
• the peak load is experienced only in
lasting a couple of hours from installation
• shortly after installation (which day
later) is disassembled to
used again somewhere
• uses compounds intended
short-term transmission
• solely for the purpose of formation
of the final product (B or AB


• Formwork boards made of plank or plywood
• Dimension 1.5 – 3 m2
• Requires a load-bearing structure of beams which (construction on the face
• Tailored and assembled for each new concreting
• Support – wooden poles with wedges or metal supports
• In carpentry plants or on construction sites
• Significantly shortens payment time (compared to classic payment)
• Number of reuses
• 30 times for wooden formwork panels (without additional protection)
• 50 – 100 times for plywood panels with a coating of
synthetic foils

• industrially made formwork panels
• metal support frames (aluminum or steel)
• cladding of industrially made wood-based panels
• Slabs – standard heights of one floor and different widths
• System adaptable to the layout of the load-bearing and
partition walls
• Special parts
• corner elements
• elements for interconnection
• elements for connecting opposite plates

• Number of uses – up to 300 times (with regular maintenance)